Thursday, March 22, 2012

Homeownership Video Contest Winners

Last month $5,000 in prizes were awarded at the Reclaiming the Vision of Homeownership Symposium in Los Angeles to video contest winners.Three videos were selected out of the many submissions sent in to NeighborWorks America. The winners are all so different and were chosen because of their originality and creativity showing the meaning of homeownership.

The video contest was designed to provide an opportunity for nonprofit housing counseling agencies to creatively portray, through the use of video, what homeownership has meant to the customers they have served in the past, or the dream it represents to customers they are currently serving.

Congratulations to the Winners

First Place: Summit Combined Housing Authority in  Breckenridge,CO
Hope for a Home in the High Country.
Second Place: Native American Youth and Family Center in Portland,OR
Sharing Our Stories of Home. 

Third Place: Tabor Community Services in Lancaster, PA
Homeownership 2012.