Thursday, November 12, 2009

NeighborWorks America Receives More than $4.8M in HUD Support for Housing Counseling

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded NeighborWorks America $4,860,802, which will support training and certification opportunities for thousands of counselors from HUD-approved nonprofit counseling agencies, as well as nonprofit housing counseling at local NeighborWorks organizations.

“The grants announced by Secretary Donovan provide tremendous support for the critical housing counseling and training activities being carried out by NeighborWorks America and our affiliated NeighborWorks organizations across the country,” said Jayna Bower, director of the NeighborWorks Center Homeownership Education and Counseling (NCHEC). “Homeownership education and counseling enables families to make sound financial decisions and achieve and sustain homeownership, which contributes to healthy, stable communities nationwide.”

Of the $4.8 million awarded, $3.2 million will enable NCHEC and the NeighborWorks Training Institute to provide nationally-recognized training and certification to thousands of counselors, including more than 1,300 training scholarships throughout the year. About $1.6 million will provide direct operational support to individual HUD-approved NeighborWorks organizations that provide nonprofit housing counseling in their communities.

More details are in the NeighborWorks newsroom.