Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NeighborWorks America Receives $1 Million Grant from the Rockefeller Foundation for Nonprofit Housing Counseling and Foreclosure Prevention

NeighborWorks America today announced that it received $1 million from The Rockefeller Foundation in support of infrastructure development and upgraded technical support for nonprofit housing counseling organizations. The grant will help to strengthen and supplement nonprofit housing counseling capacity and increase their efficiency and ability to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Specifically, the grant will help NeighborWorks America provide data management and technical support to nonprofit organizations using CounselorMax™ to manage homeowner client data and to deliver and track that information to the servicers through the HOPE LoanPort, a web-based tool developed by the HOPE NOW Alliance that streamlines loan modification applications on behalf of borrowers at-risk of foreclosure, allowing housing counselors to efficiently transmit completed applications to mortgage servicers. In addition, the grant will also support community-based outreach events for homeowners at risk of foreclosure.

“Homeowners and housing counselors need better technology to work through the complicated details and document requirements for a long-term, successful mortgage modification,” said Ken Wade, CEO of NeighborWorks America. “The support from The Rockefeller Foundation will improve the work of nonprofit organizations that have been slowed by a paper-based system and inefficient mortgage modification delivery process. As a result of these investments, counselors will be able to serve homeowners at risk of foreclosure more efficiently and effectively.”