Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Frontier Housing Races to Clean Up After the May 2 Flood

Last week’s massive flash floods have caused incredible damage and heartache to residents in areas of Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee. In Morehead, Kentucky, staff and volunteers of NeighborWorks member organization Frontier Housing, are still hard at work meeting the immediate needs of their residents at Boodry Place, where the entire first floor structure and contents were damaged or destroyed.

Boodry Place is a residential, rental community where senior citizens and persons with disabilities, including children, live. Thankfully all ten families impacted are safe.

“The important thing is that our residents are all okay. The first floor residents have been safely moved to a shelter and the second and third floor residents are still in place,” said Stacey Epperson, president of Frontier Housing. “We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience as we bring every resource available to restoring Boodry Place.”

Residents are now staying in various locations, including with family members, vacant apartments on the second and third floors at Boodry and at a guest house provided by Morehead State University while repairs are underway.

To find out more information, go to http://www.frontierhousing.org/.