Tuesday, May 5, 2009

NeighborWorks America Releases a New 'How-To' Guide to Green a Nonprofit

NeighborWorks America today released a comprehensive sustainability guide to help community development corporations and other non-profits to evaluate and improve the environmental and sustainable footprint of their organizations, or in short, "Go Green." Greening Your Non-Profit from the Inside Out: A NeighborWorks Guide for Community Development Organizations is built off of 22 actual sustainability audits of nonprofit organizations and uses these examples to tailor a “Go Green” guide for nonprofit organizations.

The guide also gives seven strong business reasons that a nonprofit organization should “go green.” They include:

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Provide a Healthier Work Environment
  • Attract and Retain the Best Employees
  • Build Integrity
  • Access New Capital
  • Plan for the Future
  • People Expect it and Respect It

Download the report and learn more about NeighborWorks America's Green efforts at nw.org/green.

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